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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a cultural mindset that values continuous improvement with a focus on processes and practices that enable cross-functional teams to deliver quality software with efficiency and speed.

DevOps spans the following categories:

What are the benefits of DevOps?
  • Faster time to market and ability to innovate
  • Higher quality solutions through automation
  • Maximizing investment in IT with faster ROI
  • Higher customer satisfaction through continual feedback
  • Greater employee engagement by allowing greater customer impact

Organizations implementing DevOps practices have see the following benefits:

How can I get started?

Deliveron’s DevOps Enablement Strategy is a framework and process to help organizations begin their DevOps journey.  This framework will not only help organizations get started but will also give delivery teams the ability to continually measure and improve their DevOps capabilities.

Get started on your DevOps journey! 

Solution Consulting Like Only Deliveron Can Provide

We believe in helping our customers create software solutions in a better way.
We do this by having a project delivery process and technology expertise that ensures we are solving the right problem in the right way and driving the most business value.