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What is the DevOps Enablement Strategy?
Deliveron's DevOps Enablement Strategy is a framework and process to help organizations begin their DevOps journey. This framework will not only help organizations get started but will also give delivery teams the ability to continually measure and improve their DevOps capabilities.

The framework and process is broken down into three basic steps:
Step 1 = Learn – identify where your organization is starting the journey
Step 2 = Enable – address common challenges and enable teams
Step 3 = Measure – continually improve each team's capabilities
Step 1: Learn
The first step of the DevOps Enablement Strategy is to assess each of the delivery teams within an organization to establish a baseline of DevOps capabilities. The DevOps assessment will allow each team to assess their DevOps capabilities and establish a backlog of recommendations. During this process, common challenges will emerge that need to be addressed from an organizational perspective rather than for just individual teams.
Step 2: Enable
The second step of the DevOps Enablement Strategy is to address the common challenges identified from the team assessments and then start enablement for the rest of the organization. This is typically where the tools and technologies selection takes place to help support the organization's DevOps journey.

During the team assessments, challenges will emerge that are common across all teams. Although each team can address these common challenges on its own, we have found that it is more efficient and better received to form a temporary DevOps enablement team to work through these organizational challenges. The DevOps enablement team is made of high-performing team members from across the various disciplines that can make a significant impact to addressing these challenges. The benefit to this approach is that once the common challenges have been addressed, these team members will then work with the rest of the Delivery teams within an organization to share their learnings and help accelerate the DevOps capability growth.
Step 3: Measure
The third step in the DevOps Enablement Strategy is ensure that delivery teams are continually improving and growing their DevOps capabilities.

Allowing Delivery teams to sign up for a subscription to the DevOps assessment will enable continual learning and growth plans. Each time a team takes the assessment, they will be presented with a refined set of recommendations based upon the growth identified in the assessment.

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