Add Your Photo to Your Lync Online Account

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One of the cool features of using Lync Online with your Office 365 account, is the ability to have photos of your contacts in your IM client. This lets you easily scan to see who is online, and if the person you are looking for is available. You can help your team out by adding your own photo to your account. To do this, you can first assign your photo to your Office 365 account, and then to your Lync Online settings.

Assign Your Photo to Office 365

Once you have a photo you would like to use, log in to your Office 365 Portal.

In the upper right, underneath your name, click My profile.


On the My Profile page, under Information, click Change photo.


Browse to the photo on your computer, and then click Upload.


You should now see your photo assigned to your Office 365 account.


Assign Your Photo to Lync Online

Now that you have added a photo to your Office 365 account, you can assign that as your photo in Lync Online,

Log in to your Lync Online Client.

Click the icon to open up the Menu, then click Tools, and then click Options.


In the left-hand menu, click My Picture.

In the options screen for My Picture, you will see three options. Choose the middle option: Default corporate picture. This is the photo you just uploaded and assigned to your Office 365 account.


Click OK.

You should now see your own photo on your Lync Online client, and your colleagues will see your photos next to your name in their Lync Online client.


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