ALM Readiness Treasure Map v2 is released

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Who says the sequel can’t be as good as the original?  Packed with new features and UX improvements, Version 2 of the ALM Readiness Treasure Map has been released and is available for download in the Windows 8 Store App.  For those of you that are not familiar with the first version, the ALM Readiness Treasure Map is a one stop shop for all of the ALM Ranger content organized so you can quickly find the needed guidance and tooling.  Even as an ALM Ranger, I have found it a challenge keeping track of the all the releases.  This tool makes it really easy to find, read, and track all of the releases.

Some of the improvements in v2 include:

  • Progress Tracking
  • Up-to-date News
  • Updated Ranger Releases
  • Favorites
  • Many UX improvements

One thing I really like is to put the application in snapped mode so you can view the content side-by-side in IE.

Download it today from the Windows 8 Store and let us know what you think through the ratings and comments.

Take a look at the MSDN article from earlier in the year on V1 and Willy’s Reflections for more info.  We have already started on 2.1 so look forward to even more improvements in the future.  I had the opportunity to help out towards the end with some development and testing.  I’m looking forward to continuing helping the next versions.


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