Come See Deliveron at Nebraska Code Camp – March 28-29

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The 4th Annual Nebraska Code Camp is a little over a week away and Deliveron is proud to support it again this year.  This community-driven developer conference hosts 200+ attendees each year and is free to attend on Saturday. NECC draws great speakers from around the country and this year even internationally with the keynote speaker, Iris Classon.  There is still time to register.

Deliveron has been a sponsor of NECC for the past 3 years and has spoken at it every year.  We will have our booth there again this year so stop by to learn more about Deliveron, job opportunities, any help you need with projects, or just to say hi!  The schedule is packed with informative sessions for all levels from middle/high school to advanced.  Also come attend talks by two of Deliveron’s consultants, Andy Bayer and Mike Douglas. 

Andy Bayer will talk to us about Maintainable Unit Tests – that’s an oxymoron right? (Saturday 3:15).  Here is what to expect:

Given the fact that everyone is writing unit tests for their code (that’s a fact right?), that must mean we are all totally happy with the amount of maintenance unit tests can be. I personally really enjoy making a one line code change and have to fix 100+ unit tests before my solution will even build – makes my day every time. Now back to reality – there are a few simple patterns that you can implement to shield your unit tests from being impacted by code changes, yet still make them flexible enough to test what you need to test. I’ll be using moq for my samples, but the patterns will work with whatever mocking framework you prefer.

Mike Douglas is giving two workshops on Friday and one talk on Saturday.

Developer Productivity ALM Delivery (Friday 8:00 to 12:00)

Visual Studio is packed with so many features and tools, how do you learn about them and know which ones to use? Once you do decide you want to use a tool, how do you provide guidance so that everyone uses it consistently? Are there ways to track and measure that developers are following the process and be able to correlate this to the overall health of the application and project?

In this workshop attendees will learn to use Visual Studio tools and features for each step of the process from design to delivery with hands on labs using the features in Visual Studio. I’ll walk you through the Developer Productivity ALM Delivery guidance documentation we have created for internal projects and for help our clients. In addition we will discuss how to track the process and provide a quality review process where all developers can understand how they are doing for each Iteration.

Agile Planning from Teams to Enterprise with Team Foundation Server 2013 (Friday 1:00 to 5:00)

Sticky notes keep falling of your task board? Wondering how you can quickly shift work between teams? Team Foundation Server 2013 introduces a number of improvements including backlog management, task boards, agile portfolio management, Kanban, and various reporting improvements.

In this workshop attendees will learn how to capture user stories, manage multiple team backlogs, view the teams progress rolled up to department or enterprise level. Attendees will also learn about the Kanban tools and other improvements to help support planning through a simple to use web interface for the entire team. There will be a series of hands on labs for using these features in TFS 2013 Web Access, with access we will provide through the Internet. We will finish with a look at what is coming in the TFS 2013 Update 2 release including improvements for work item tagging, Kanban, and web charting.

Developer Productivity Improvements in Visual Studio 2013 (Saturday 4:30)

With every new version of Visual Studio, Microsoft introduces a number of features designed to allow you do more in less time while improving the quality. In this talk I will go through a number of these features that help improve developer quality and productivity, and help understand code. Features include Visual Studio IDE improvements, using Code Lens and Code Map to understand the code quickly. Also, I will go through tools that can help track and measure the quality of your application over time. Last, I will wrap up by going through recent productivity improvements for suspend/resume, code reviews, and Team Rooms.

We hope to see you there!

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