Quickly Adding Meeting Details to OneNote

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Microsoft OneNote is a fantastic tool to take meeting notes in. With the auto-save and unstructured formatting, it can be an excellent way to capture ideas and thoughts around topics during a meeting.

A quick time-saver tip is to have OneNote automatically populate the meeting details from Outlook at the beginning of your notes for future reference.

In the Ribbon menu, click the Meeting Details button:


You will then be presented with a list of all of your scheduled meetings for that day. You can select from that list, or, if the meeting is in the future and you are planning ahead, click “Choose Meeting from Another Day. You can then choose the day, select the meeting, and click Insert:


OneNote will grab the meeting details from Outlook, including the subject, date and location, attendees and any included agenda, and populate the page:


OneNote even adds the Notes header at the bottom, so you are ready to start typing. Enjoy!

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