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Visual Studio, .NET, Team Foundation Server
Visual Studio, .NET, and Team Foundation Server are tools that enable developers to build better apps on all platforms along with providing collaboration and project management tools for the entire team. Companies can leverage these tools to deliver higher quality applications more efficiently.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft's cloud platform that includes a growing collection of integrated services that include compute, storage, data, networking, and app. Companies can leverage Microsoft Azure to improve implementation speed, reduce costs, and provide new abilities that were previously unfeasible.
SQL Server
Build mission-critical applications using high-performance, in-memory security technology across OLTP, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics.
Enable collaboration and business process automation using SharePoint and related services including SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Yammer to share, organize, and discover information.
BizTalk and BizTalk Services
Azure BizTalk Services is a simple, powerful, and extensible cloud-based integration service. It provides Business-to-Business (B2B), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processing, and Hybrid Connections capabilities for delivering cloud and hybrid integration solutions.
Power BI
Power BI allows companies to pull together completely disparate data, correlate, and surface providing highly interactive visualizations that were previously impossible.
Office 365
Run your business more easily with Office 365. Get everything you need to get work done anytime, anywhere. Office 365 provides the platform email, file sharing, instant messaging, and multi-user content collaboration.
LogiGear TestArchitect
Patented automation technology lets you rapidly create and maintain automated test. The module-based, keyword-driven authoring extension for Visual Studio enables your team to rapidly execute large-scale test automation.
Automate your everyday processes in minutes, not weeks. Power your business with the perfect fusion of people, processes and content.
Create any business application you can imagine, with workflows and forms that span roles, departments and data sources. Work smarter and stay focused on growing your business, instead of managing processes.
Deliveron Solution Offerings
ALM Training for Agile Teams
This course combines formal lecture, discussion, hands on workshops, and quick card leave behinds to help ensure that each team member understands his/her role on the team and why ALM is important for quality, effectiveness, and success of the project.
ALM Assessment
This engagement is designed to help organizations understand their current level of Application Lifecycle Management capabilities to provide a roadmap to help improve and add new capabilities in order to improve to the quality and efficiency of their software projects.
SharePoint Adoption Strategy
The SharePoint Adoption Strategy is designed to guide companies on deploying SharePoint successfully with full user adoption. The goal is to create an environment that is easy for users to work in and find the information they need to do their jobs. Deliveron’s approach to creating adoption is to first understand how the organization is structured, how content should be organized, and then identify how the users typically access and use information. This process leads to the design of an overall site taxonomy, general guidelines for a page architecture, and definition on how information and data should be structured. These architectural perspectives will not only help provide guidance and direction moving forward with solutions in SharePoint but it will also ensure they are successful
Agile Test Strategy
Deliveron can help you define, implement, and train your Agile teams with a comprehensive testing strategy. Our Test Strategy jumpstart will start with a project portfolio view and help your teams manage testing as a product rather than just an ad-hoc activity. We will look at both manual and automated solutions as well as integration within your Agile Scrum and Kanban teams while ensuring it fits with your continuous delivery strategy.
Automated UI Testing
Learn how to turn your manual testing into Automation from a UI perspective all without having to write any code. Deliveron's Automated UI Testing Jumpstart will help your Agile teams implement automated UI testing using LogiGear's TestArchitect product using your own applications.
Azure Architectural Design Sesions (ADS)
Deliveron will work with your key technical decision makers to help determine the best architectural roadmap for how the Azure Platform can be integrated into your environment.
BizTalk Hands-On Training
BizTalk Server is Microsoft’s integration platform technology allowing developers to easily connect diverse systems, external customers, and provide business process automation and management capabilities.

This 3-day course will provide you an introduction to BizTalk Server and highlight the key features that are used to design, develop, and deploy applications. The combination of instructor led training with real-world examples and hands on labs will enable you to leave with working knowledge to start building BizTalk solutions.
Insights & Analytics Jumpstart
Don't waste your time trying to build static reports or waiting 9 months for the Data Warehousing teams...

Deliveron can work with a single department or across all departments within an organization to empower those teams to create a self-service analytics solution. Using the power of Excel and Power BI and sharing with Office 365, Microsoft Power BI will provide the complete solution for enabling insights for everyone.
We believe in helping our customers create software solutions in a better way.
We do this by having a project delivery process and technology expertise that ensures we are solving the right problem in the right way and driving the most business value.